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What type of business or program is this?
Level Rewards is a business that promotes incentivized offers. Incentivized offers are promotions in which advertisers attract users to sign up for a a trial of their product or service by receiving some type of reward, either directly or indirectly. Level Rewards promotes offers that allow for referral reward incentives. This means that users try out trials with the incentive that they can receive commission for anyone that they refer afterwards. Referral incentive offers typically pay much higher than direct GPT (‘Get Paid To’) offers, which is why Level Rewards promotes referral incentive offers instead of direct incentive offers.

Is this free?
For the most part, yes. Just about all users can sign up and start earning without having to spend any money. There are many free offers to try, but there are also many cheap offers that pay out rates that far exceed their cost. Many users complete non free offers either because they are genuinely interested in the product/service or because they are easy to complete, the commission rate far exceeds their cost and completing some non free offers may help them earn more. Whichever offers our users choose to complete, it’s their choice based on what makes sense to them.

How can Level Rewards pay out money for free trial sign ups… what’s the catch?
Advertisers pay out a lot of money to attract people to sign up to their trials and services. The only obligation our users have is to give whatever offer they sign up for a fair try. As long as the majority of our users are trying out the offer for 75-90% of the trial period and fully giving the offer a try, the majority of advertisers are happy. If the offer is good and users are fully trying the offer, then a natural amount of users may decide to keep the offer beyond the trial period.

Is this a pyramid scheme or MLM?
No. While there is a referral aspect to Level Rewards, the income generated does not come from users spending money. Level Rewards does not charge it’s users anything, nor is sales commissions a primary source of revenue. The primary source of income in our business is simply lead commissions. Users are not required to pay any monthly fees, they are not required to keep trials beyond the trial period and how much a user spends or invests is irrelevant to our business model. Getting paid to refer users to try out trials and services is a perfectly legal and legitimate opportunity and many major corporations have referral programs.

Do I have to use my credit card? Why do even some of the free trials require a credit card?
We have offers that users can complete that don’t require a credit card, however, users should not be discouraged from trying out those which do require a card. Many free trials require a credit card for 2 reasons: 1) The credit card acts as a form of verification, making sure they are getting quality leads. 2) Many advertisers want to make sure there’s a straightforward way to convert leads into customers. Using a credit card shows that you may potentially keep the offer. Some free offers may have a $1 authorization hold to test that the card is valid. This is not a cost, as the $1 is released within a few business days.

How do the levels in Level Rewards work?
Level Rewards has easy to complete levels, each worth $5 per referral. The maximum a user can earn per referral is based on their level. Every 1.00 credit elevates you to the next level and partial credits are added up. So if you complete an offer worth 1.25 credits, you will be at level 1. If you complete another offer for 0.75 credits, you will have 2.00 credits total and be at level 2. If you want to avoid having to do math, you can just click the Add Up Offers checkbox on the offers page and click on the offers you want to potentially complete and the system will show you how many credits and levels those offers will add up to when completed.
As an example, if you signup, complete offers and get to level 5, it will enable you to earn up to $25 per referral. So if you sign someone up and they get to level 1, you’ll earn $5. If you sign up a different user and they get to level 3, you will earn $15. If that person comes back and completes 2 more levels, you will earn additional $10. If they then go to level 10 and you are still at level 5, you can not get paid out for the levels that they completed above your level, until you raise your level.
In reality, a person who gets to level 10 (who can earn up to $50 per referral) will have some users who get to level 5, others who get to level 1, others who get to level 10, etc. Increasing your level raises your income potential, but how much you earn per referral will vary. Typically, the more you help your referrals and the better relationship you build with them, the more levels they will complete and the more you will earn.

How long does it take to receive money through PayPal?
As soon as your order is approved (typically within 24 hours, but usually much less time than that) it should show up within your PayPal account around the same time that it's approved. Sometimes you’ll get paid out within an hour and other times it may be several hours, it varies based on when you place your order and when we are processing payments.
Thursday, June 29th, 2017

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